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Scherlokk is a lightning fast file search utility build for precise and reliable search of every file which meets the search criteria.

It does not matter if the searched file is hidden or system. The file does not even need to be indexed by OS X to be found by Scherlokk.

Specify the kind of searched file(s) (music, movie, picture, etc.) or some of the file attributes (size, date, etc.). For documents or data files - a content can be specified.

When searching with size range, Scherlokk calculates and displays all folders which fit in the range.
Scherlokk  requires Mac OS X 10.8 Snow Leopard.
It is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
System Requirements
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Scherlokk is a practical and user-friendly Mac OS X utility that enables you to find songs, pictures, videos, documents and applications in a matter of seconds.

Intuitive interface

In order to find a file you just have to select the file type, set the location path along with the file name and initiate the search process. All matching results are displayed at the bottom of the window from where you can further refine your search using various keywords.

The top toolbar allows you to change the color theme of Scherlokk and specify the type of file you need to find. Hence, you can choose between Music, Pictures, Movies, Documents and Binary or enable Scherlokk to look for all available file types.

User-definable search criteria

The Search criteria panel helps you set the location path, include or exclude subfolders, type in the file name and file content. Additionally, you can search in package contents, between invisible or hidden items, search for folders and more.

What is more, you can search for files created, modified or accessed between certain dates and with a specific size. If the results list is too long, you can use the built-in search form to further filter the displayed items.

Although Scherlokk does not feature a contextual menu you can view the selected file in Finder, open the Info window, have a Quick Look and even open the file with just a couple of mouse clicks. You can even sort the results list based on the file name, size, kind and modification date.

As mentioned earlier, you can personalize Scherlokk’s main window and choose between blue, gray, orange, green and pink as the background color. On top of that, Scherlokk is capable to automatically save your search criteria every time you close the app.
Softpedia Editor's Review for Scherlokk
Written by George Popescu at Softpedia
What is it for?
Finding files, folders, applications and any kind of media files.

Who is it for?
All Mac OS X users who wants to have their files under control.

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